The Principal Roles

Alexander the Great, from age 16 to age 33
King Philip, Alexander’s father
Olympias, Alexander’s mother
Kaveri Kallasha, the narrator
Hephaestion, Alexander’s best friend
Ptolemy, Philotas, Perdiccas, Alexander’s friends and generals
Aristotle, the philosopher
Cleitus, the wise general
Roxanne, Alexander’s wife
Laniki, Alexander’s nurse

The Chorus

The twenty-eight actors, singers and dancers that make up the cast, also participate in the chorus as “soldiers”, “dancers”, “priests”, “merchants”, “crowd”, etc.

The Orchestra

A live orchestra of eight to ten musicians, is placed in the musicians’ pit, in the front of the stage. Instruments used: bass guitar, drums, percussion, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards and synthesizers, flute, clarinet, violin, bouzouki, oud.

The Setting

A simple and easily assembled set is specially designed to meet the requirements of an international tour. The various interior and outdoor scenes (Palaces, temples, battle fields, flea markets, the desert, ect), are mainly supported by back projection.

The Costumes

Approximately 240 costumes are used for the show.


Supertitle projectors provide the lyrics’ translation in the language of the hosting country.

Technical Requirements

A high standard of light and sound equipment is required for the needs of the show (provided by the hosting theatre, hired, or transported from Greece). The production team provides detailed technical rider and specialised staff for the running of the show

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The Original Production by the National Theatre of Northern Greece.

The Creatives

Music: Constantine Athirides
Play Design: Constantine Athirides, Alexandra Charanis
Lyrics: Alexandra Charanis
Directors: Constantine Athirides, Giannis Vouros
Choreography: Aspa Foutsi
Set: Giannis Metzikof
Costumes: Ioanna Timotheadou
Lights: Lefteris Pavlopoulos
Historical Consultant: Polyxeni Adam – Veleni

The Original Cast

Alexander: Dimitris Tiktopoulos
Philip / Soldier / Chorus: Thomas Vliagkoftis
Olympias: Hariklia Hatzisavvidou
The Kaveri Kallasha narrator: Georgia Velivasaki
Aristotle / Coenus: Thodoris Voutsikakis
Laniki / Egyptian Priestess: Roula Manisanou
Hephaestion / Chorus: Nikias Fontaras
Ptolemy / Chorus: Giorgos Fokas
Philotas / Chorus: Dinos Psychogios
Perdikkas / Chorus: Apollon Drikoudis
Seleukus / Chorus: Haris Doulkas
Cleitus / Chorus: Dimitris Tsilinikos
Roxanne / Chorus: Vanessa Barré
Aristander / Chorus: Asteris Peltekis
Seer / Guard / Chorus: Nikos Kapelios
Pranichus / Priest / Chorus: Panos Zois
Messenger / Corinthian / Priest / Chorus: Dimitris Kianidis
Messenger / Corinthian / Merchant / Priest / Chorus: Constantinos Mylonas
Diogenes / Merchant / Priest / Chorus: Nikos Nikolaidis
Messenger / Corinthian / Priest / Chorus: Arsenios Gavriilidis
Stateira (wife of Darius III) / Chorus: Chrisa Ioannidou
Drypetis / Chorus: Elisavet – Maria Kotini
Stateira II / Chorus: Areti Valavanopoulou
Merchant / Chorus: Nonika Malkoutzi
Bucephalus / Chorus: Rhiannon Morgan
Thais / Chorus: Anastasia Kostopoulou
Thais / Chorus: Stavriana Papadaki
Lady in waiting / Chorus: Melina Dupré

The Original Band

Music Director: Costas Tzounis
Musical Arrangements: Constantine Athirides / Costas Tzounis
Bass: Costas Tzounis
Drums: Stergios Koias
Guitar: Andreas Ziakas
Guitar: Giorgos Seremetis
Percussions: Iason Yeremtzes
Synthesizers: Diamantis Κaragiannakidis
Piano / Synthesizers: Fivos Filkas
Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, outi, bouzouki: Dimitris Lappas
Flute / Clarinet / Saxophone: Michalis Piperkos
Violin: Despina Skentou

The Production Team

Technical Manager: Stelios Tsolopoulos
Video Art: Stathis Mitsios
Directors’ Assistant: Delina Vasiliadi
Set & Costumes Designer Assistant: Iris Tsagalidou
Production: Ilias Kontopoulos, Vicky Alexaki
Stage Manager: Vicky Alexaki
Sound Design & Proccessing: Cue Productions / Giannis Mavridis, Dimitris Vasiliadis
Sound Engineers: Giannis Alexiou, Maria Pantehou
Cameras: Manolis Zandes, Voula Sideridou
Video Editing / Graphics: Multimotion / Voula Sideridou

Additional Texts: Eleftheria Gazeti, Phoebe Holland, Georgia Velivasaki, Vanessa Barré

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